Fast food Amsterdam style

You’ll not be stuck for choice whatever you want to eat in Amsterdam. The city is full of high end and high street establishments, but for a quirky slice of Amsterdam on the run, you’ve got to give Febo a go…


The Netherlands is a country full of McDonald’s – on the 90-minute coach trip from the port of Rotterdam to the centre of Amsterdam, I lost count of the number of golden arches I saw at 50.

But McDonald’s is something you can try anywhere – when hunger came knocking we headed to Febo, a Dutch national treasure. This chain of fast food outlets has branches all over the country, although it was founded in Amsterdam over 80 years ago.

We visited the busy branch on Leidsestraat. As you walk in off the street, the products are lined up in rows of coin-operated vending machines. There’s also a manned counter that sells drinks and meals while you wait, but that would be cheating – we had to pick something from the window boxes.


There were a variety of different burgers, chicken legs and sandwiches but we couldn’t leave without trying a spicy beef and peanut croquette (Satékroket). Kat fished out €1.50 and popped the coins in the slot before opening the door and taking out our lunchtime treat.

Made of ingredients including soy sauce, peanut butter, beef stock and garlic powder, it really shouldn’t taste very nice – and I doubt if I’d have one again.

Maybe they’re an acquired taste, but trying one is an Amsterdam must!

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  1. Sounds good, so how did you enjoy Amsterdam?

  2. very funny! I like the wee video.

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