Gloucester Services: Motorway heaven on the M5


Motorway service stations are horrible places, don’t you think? Nasty food, smelly toilets and rubbish shops. But after visiting Gloucester Services with its Farm Shop on the M5, you might not want to get back on the road…

The UK’s latest motorway service station is located between junctions 11a and 12 on both carriageways of the M5 in Gloucestershire, so if you’re on your way to or from Devon or Cornwall a break here is a must.

It’s a family run business – the owners also built Tebay Services in the early 1970s when the M6 was built through their farm in Cumbria. I’ve not stopped at Tebay, but by all accounts the two service stations share the same ethos.


When you step inside the gents toilet and see a bank of Dyson airblade handryers along the wall, you just know you’re going to love this place. If it hasn’t already, Gloucester Services will surely win the coveted Motorway Service Station Toilet of the Year award.

Don’t expect your usual service station crap here – you will not find McDonalds, KFC or Costa Coffee. Instead the canteen serves hearty and filling hot meals. I had the pie of my dreams – an unbelievably tasty steak and stout pie served with veg, lashings of gravy and thick-cut chips, it was without doubt the best pie I’ve ever tasted. Other options include burger and chips, spaghetti Bolognese and jacket potatoes. It might not win any Michelin stars, but it’s light years better than anywhere else on the motorways. Got a sweet tooth? No problem – there have been excellent cakes on the handful of times I’ve stopped here.


You can choose to eat indoors at a table or in a family booth, or outdoors overlooking landscaped gardens and a lake. The building has a grass covered roof, making it look like the whole service station has been built into a hillside. You would not think you were metres away from the busy M5, as you can’t see the road or the car park from here, just landscaped gardens, trees and the Gloucestershire hills.


The Farm Shop is Gloucester Services’ pièce de résistance. It’s not particularly cheap, but the quality and choice of the offerings are both sky high, with huge meat, fish and cheese counters. There’s plenty of booze too, with ciders and ales that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re going on a camping or self-catering holiday, it’s well worth stocking up with provisions here.


Sourcing locally produced goods is the name of the game, with 130 suppliers to the Farm Shop being located within 30 miles of the services. Expect to see local artisan breads, Double Gloucester cheese and Bara Brith, the lovely fruitcake from Wales (which is not far away from Gloucester at all). The beef and brie pie I bought from the shop was almost as good as the steak and stout pie I had in the canteen. With food, booze, books, chocolate, clothes and gifts for sale, there’s something for everyone. If only it offered an on-line grocery shopping delivery service! (Actually, I’ve just checked their website at, and they offer an order and collect service – you pre-order your shopping 24 hours in advance and collect it yourself the next day, although this takes the fun out of visiting yourself.)

As much as I love Cornwall, I was reluctant to leave this place and continue my trip south, although I’ll be back very soon and have already pencilled in a day-out Christmas shopping here.

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  1. When I was a teenager with a first car we used to spend evenings at the Watford Gap services on the M1 _ it was never as good as this!

  2. When I read “motorway services are horrible places” my first thought was – except Tebay! How nice to find the connection. We use Tebay often and it is much better than most, but this one seems to have risen by several more levels.

  3. How interesting – and what a surprise! Just shows you what a bit of entrepreneurial forethought can achieve. This place is definitely one for the memo book – maybe others will follow? It certainly looks like a good business model for a captive clientele.

  4. I love the idea that when a motorway was built through their land they made the best of it. And this new service station sounds like a day out in it’s self and I can imagine people changing their route just to stop here.

  5. that looks so much better and relaxing than all those ‘loud and screaming’ places that you see everywhere (and which we avoid to stop as much as possible!)

  6. Forget Cornwall, I’ll hit the road just to visit Gloucester Services lol

  7. that looks amazing. It is really clever how the landscaping has hidden the road and car park and made it really peaceful. Seems the perfect place to take a break and great to see something a bit different to the usual blandness. Perhaps the same ethos could be deployed in airports? They say that travel is not just about the destination, but the journey to get there- I never thought that applied to motorway driving, but places like this will convince me otherwise.

  8. It’s probably the nicest thing in Gloucester (said as a dweller of neighbour/rival Cheltenham!) – have stopped off here a few times on my way back home from the southwest – so much nicer than any other services I’ve ever visited.

  9. You got me with the cheese counter! 🙂

  10. I agree with your views entirely. It would be nice to think that other, greasy stopovers would lift their game. The setting always makes me think of the Teletubbies! Did you know they are opening one on the opposite side of the motorway too (southbound towards Bristol)? It may even be open by now – as I have been on my travels round Ireland and Italy I have not been up or down the M5 for some time.

  11. I’m really glad you enjoyed your visit – I work for Tebay Services as Brand & Communications Manager and it is lovely to see people enjoying our new site down in Gloucestershire. Make sure you call into Tebay Services if you get chance, as you say they’re both run by the same team.

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