5 reasons why Coventry will win UK City of Culture 2021


2017 may be all about Hull, but my hometown Coventry is a shoe-in to become UK City of Culture for 2021. The Coventry2021 team are working on their bid right now, with four shortlisted cities up for the award to be announced in late 2017.

Some people miss the point of City of Culture, laughing at ugly old Coventry’s interest in bidding to be the third winner after Derry (2013) and Hull (2017). If cities were judged on their attractiveness, it’s true – the place wouldn’t have a hope in hell. But along with some decent museums, galleries and theatres (which will attract further investment and improvement), the sky blue city has a few cultural trump cards in its hands to help it win.

1. The cathedral ruins


Coventry Cathedral was bombed to smithereens in the blitz of 14th November 1940. As the city made ammunition, engines and cars needed in WWII, it was targeted by the Luftwaffe. The bombed-out shell of the old Coventry Cathedral remains, and the ruins are known as a place of peace and reconciliation.

Not only is it the prettiest part of the city-centre, the ruins host events such as gigs (Mogwai played last week), outdoor cinema screenings, plays and food festivals.

2. Fargo Village

Nothing to do with the American film or TV series of the same name, Fargo is a play on words of its location – Far Gosford Street. It’s a ‘creative space’ with independent shops, cafes, a market hall, food festivals and a brewery/bar. You can usually spot a mix of locals, bearded-hipsters and students browsing the independent shops based in brightly painted shipping containers, before sipping craft beer at the Twisted Barrel brewery and bar.

Part financed with EU funds (remember them?), it’s been here since September 2014, and has been a breath of fresh air in what was a pretty grim street. The owners say they’re trying to bring a piece of London’s Camden shopping experience to Coventry. New shops seem to pop-up every time I go, but I’ve always enjoyed the drinks at Urban Coffee Company.

3. Godiva Festival

The jewel in the crown that is Coventry’s arts scene is the annual Godiva Festival, the country’s biggest free festival, held over one weekend every July at the city’s War Memorial Park. Over 120,000 people come from all over the country to be entertained by bands (The Charlatans, Ash and Idlewild have played in recent years), comedians and fairground attractions.

4. Its history

Statue of Coventry's favourite son, Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine, outside the entrance to the Transport Museum

Coventry is proud of its reputation as a city of invention, being home to the jet engine (invented by local boy Frank Whittle) and with a long history of watchmaking and its famed motor-industry. The bid team will surely play on the city’s past, with the free Transport Museum the centrepiece of the bid.

5. The opposition

No disrespect to likely rivals Hereford, Paisley, Perth, Stoke-on-Trent and Sunderland but surely this is one match Coventry will win? Coventry is currently the bookies’ favourite at 2/1.

If I worked for the Coventry2021 bid team, I’d recommend they also focus on the following:

  • The Noodle Bar


This cheap and cheerful eatery (9 Bull Yard, CV1 1LH) is always heaving with Asian students from the city’s two universities (Warwick University is in Coventry). Everyone who eats here chooses one of the huge bowls of noodles for their main course – you choose the meat, the sauce and the type of noodle. It’s funny watching the Asians, who share a big bowl between two or three people, compared to the Brits, who have a bowl each and struggle to finish. The tastiest, freshest Chinese food I’ve ever had in my life.

  • Inspire

Coventry is known as the city of three spires, and this tiny Belgian bar is inside one of them, and featured in an Independent list of the top 50 bars in the UK. There are tables outside with patio heaters, while the monthly beer tasting evenings are not to be missed. The owners of Inspire (Christchurch Spire, CV1 2PS) are also the brains behind…

  • Beergonzo

This craft beer shop (3a Earlsdon Street, CV5 6EP) in the Earlsdon area sells just about any beer you’d ever want, and does home deliveries too.

  • Coventry Music Museum

Relive the ska days of the 1980s when Coventry ruled the airwaves with the likes of The Specials and The Selecter. (74-80 Walsgrave Road, CV2 4ED)

  • Antalya

Just up the road from the music museum (124 Walsgrave Road, CV2 4AX) you will find this family-run Turkish restaurant selling the best kebabs this side of Istanbul. The lunch deal is highly recommended – any starter, kebab and soft drink for £5.99.

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  1. cool! maybe it will win?:)

  2. You might be right! You make a good case for Coventry – but I would go for Perth (*ducks quickly*). My Mum lives in Paisley and I would be absolutely astonished if it won.

  3. Apart from Cardiff, not a lot of competition there Richard. I suspect UK capital of culture is all about selecting somewhere that needs a bit of a boost. HULL???

  4. I love the cathedral ruins! Most cities set right back to rebuilding the ruins, I find it so interesting that they didn’t and just kept the shell. Seems like Coventry has a lot to offer. Best of luck in the vote!

  5. Certainly plenty of reasons it should win. One of these days I will visit. How about the new Cathedral, designed by Basil Spence, the Scottish architect? I always wanted to see that, but I know that not everyone likes the architecture. Fargo looks like good fun and nice to wander around. Beergonzo sounds like my kind of shop. I was inspired by your beer reviews and have started to do some on my own blog- makes it even more exciting when I go to the beer shop and know that I will be writing about the beers.

    • I haven’t been in the new cathedral since I was at junior school! I must go back one day. I’m thinking of removing those beer reviews from my site – at first hardly anyone read them, but now they’re the most read stories on my blog at the expense of all my travel writing, which I’d prefer people to read!

      • Yes, but the ones reading the beer stories might then navigate to your travel stuff. I am the opposite, my beer reviews still get few visits, but I am trying to link them into the travel stuff, by recommending a beer local to the area that I write about.

  6. I hope Coventry does win! I must add the music museum to my list of places to visit this year. It shouldn’t be difficult as I work on the same road!

  7. Can I convince you that your young adults can help eradicate social inequality in Coventry by supporting the bid to make Coventry the UK City of Culture 2021?

    We can secure £1bn for the local economy if all the young ones can help the older ones log on to lithe Official Website to follow the Bid! We need 20,000 Followers! If you want more cultural reasons to support the Bid, go to covbid.uk !

  8. Mulig det er noe jeg ikke har fått med meg nå, men dette er da en gammel sak som alle inorlvevte var ferdig med for flere år siden? Å henge ut noen for noe dumt de gjorde for lenge siden er vel heller ikke særlig vennlig?

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