Getting a taste of the high life in Monaco


Monaco is synonymous with wealth and class nowadays. It is where some of the most influential figures in Europe have their holiday homes, and for good reason. It’s not just a city that seems to be built entirely to display opulence. It’s a gorgeous location all on its own right, with views that nowhere else on Earth can replicate.

Some of the best sights in Europe

Now, not a lot of people are going to have the cash to go wild in Monaco. But you don’t need to in order to have a fantastic time here. It’s easy to just spend a day (or three) sightseeing in the various beautiful locations in the city. Monte-Carlo is famous for its dazzling displays, but it’s Monaco-Ville that will really capture your heart. It’s still a medieval village at heart, with loads of past-century buildings still remaining.

A sports lover’s paradise

If you like sport, then Monaco is probably a place you’re already familiar with. That’s because it’s chosen to host some of the most prestigious and exciting events in the year’s sporting calendar. Attending these events can be expensive but they are all unforgettable. Whether it’s the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters tennis, or the world famous Grand Prix, suppliers like BAC Sport tours can package a whole holiday deal around the events. Which means you’re likely to spend less than if you try to organise a holiday around the events, yourself.

Festivities like you’ve never seen

If you want to get extravagant and see something utterly new, then Monte-Carlo is the part of Monaco for you – not just because of the famous (and famously pricey) casino area. It’s the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival where things can really get crazy. Every year, in January, the festival kicks off ten days of daring feats and mesmerising performances. If you prefer something a bit more along the lines of natural beauty, then you want to check out Aquavision. This is a boat tour with underwater windows so you get a full look at the spectrum of aquatic beauty only found in the Mediterranean.

Budgets beware

Of course, if you’re going to Monaco, you know full well that it has the potential to be very pricey indeed, especially if you’re going shopping. But there are plenty of places to buy the best in fresh ingredients and lighter budget items as well. Even if you can afford to splurge, it’s well worth checking out the uptown shopping district of Monte-Carlo. The Condamine Market offers a different kind of experience altogether. Here you get a real market experience with haggling galore and little souvenirs being shoved at you from all sides. An overwhelming but decidedly charming experience.

If you want a taste of real luxury, then Monaco is the destination for you. If you have the budget for it, you can experience high-living in one of the most pleasing climates in the world. Even if you’re not ready to fork over all your cash, the sights and culture alone are worth the trip.

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