Hello and welcome to abitofculture – top tips and travel writing from yours truly, Richard Field!


Like Bananaman, I lead an amazing double life – UK-based, grey-suited civil servant by day, but by night (and at weekends), I become a travel writer extraordinaire. It’s a big wide world out there and I’ve always had an interest in seeing what it’s got to offer – the food, booze and football teams of a destination being of particular importance to me.

I’ve had a few stories published in The Birmingham Mail and on Simonseeks – see the links to my published travel writing, and have a read if you’re off to one of the destinations, or need some inspiration.

As everyone loves a list, here are the Top 5 places I’ve been to:

  1. Lake Bled, Slovenia
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Iceland
  4. Cornwall
  5. Venice

And since you ask, my favourite food and drink on my travels: Vietnamese Pho Bo washed down with Czech Budweiser Budvar.

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Happy reading and happy travels!


  1. Nice! Love that photo, lol. Have come over from Jo’s for a quick visit 🙂

  2. I nominated you for the Dragon Loyalty Award! Congratulations 🙂 To see your nomination, go to http://cristinsadventures.com/2013/12/17/dragon-loyalty-award/

  3. Hey thanks for the visit and like on my blog, you have a great blog here.

  4. Hmm, not sure where my top five would be, might have to think of that and would probably make it ten anyway 😀

  5. New look, Richard 🙂 I like it!

  6. Pleasure to meet you Richard! And as you would have it, we had Pho Bo for dinner tonight. Mum makes a real mean one 😉 It’s one of our favs too!

  7. Very cool blog! I love your double life!

  8. Glad you enjoyed my Ljubljana post. You sound a bit like me with the double life; “real life” work is just to fund the travel addiction! I look forward to seeing where else you’ve been!

  9. Thanks for the like on one of my Bruges posts. Great blog! I’ve followed via RSS.

  10. Great blog mate 🙂

  11. Hi Richard,

    I’m happy you liked the hike to Mount Triglav at Culture Shock on travelingcat22.wordpress.com. I’m missing time to post more but I’ll have to continue to help fellow travelers like you are doing.


  12. Interesting rating in your locations. I only visited your number 1 and 5 🙂

  13. Hi Richard
    Just want to thank you for being one of my first followers at breadtagsagas.wordpress.com. I’ve been going just over 3 months now and made my 25th post. I’ve been running
    as a parallel more polished layout for about 2 months. I hope you’ll visit and maybe subscribe.
    I really like your travel site it is well-organised and well thought-out with interesting posts. Good luck.
    p.s. Any feedback welcome.

    • Hi Tony, thanks for the kind comments. I like your blog, and will take a look at the parallel site. Out of interest, what’s the story behind the title?

      • Hi Richard,
        I like your blog on Dubrovnik, you said it well.

        The title relates to my art! I haven’t posted any personal stuff on this yet but plan to. Two artworks appear in Food in Chiangmai 1 and Hieronymous Bosch. The breadtag image is more obvious in the former. The pseudo logo on each post is also an artwork. We just hung a metre square version in the stairwell of our new place.


    • Taking the ovwierve, this post is first class

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  14. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post about Iceland. You have a wonderful blog here too.

  15. Villa Park is a proper stadium. One of the first away grounds that I saw my Manchester City at in a 1-1 draw. Cannot remember the year but Asa Hartford scored for City so must have been yonks ago. Saw 2 of my favepourite ever games there too, a 3-3 v Man Utd in your title year and (sorry to mention it) a midweek 5-1 to City when David White scored 4! As you can see I am not a City glory hunter! My local team is Exeter City and football historian Simon Inglis had Exeter’s St James Park and Villa Park as his too favourite stadia. Unfortunately there is no longer a grassy bank at SJP with primroses growing out of it, but glad to see that VP still has the brick exterior and superb club badge displayed in large fashion. Fear for Villa this year – think Remi Garde was not the greatest appointment but then again what do I know as I tipped Leicester for relegation under Ranieri! What do you think of Micah?

    • Our tour guide told us Randy Lerner watched the Villa when he was at Cambridge uni in the 1980s and loved all the red bricks. When he bought the club, one of the first things he did was to bring it all back.

      I’ve got one of Simon Inglis’ old books, and I bet most of the grounds he wrote about then have now changed drastically or been knocked down.

      I remember a home match against your lot in the early 90s – if we didn’t win, Man Utd would be guaranteed the league. You had a big banner “Good luck Villa, from the city of Manchester!”

      Remi a strange one – I’d have preferred a Brit like Allardyce or Moyes. Micah’s been ok, he probably could have done better than us and is regretting it now!

  16. A very interesting chart of best places, indeed! Lake Bled is an amazing place and it’s interesting to see it competing with Hongkong and Iceland! A nice blog!

  17. Thanks for taking time to visit WorkFoodHome and enjoying my Bruges moment! I’m a newbie blogger – only a week old, so I really do appreciate it! PS: Which I stayed closer to Europe to do as much travelling! It’s a faaaaaaaaaaar way to come from South Africa! Will be “travelling” through your site for sure!

  18. Hi, Just letting you know that I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award as I really enjoy reading through your posts! Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  19. Hi Richard, I am pleased to meet you.

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like to travel, too. Will visit Croatia, Budapest and Copenhagan in a few months. Will keep in touch

  21. Hi there
    It’s been great following your posts. Thanks so much for them.
    My website has moved and I’d love to keep you as a reader.
    Could you subscribe to my new mailing list at the following link:


    Hope to stay in touch,
    Anne Skyvington

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